Friday, 4 November 2016

Frugal Things this Week

This week we searched for car insurance online and discovered after all that effort that renewing with our current insurer is the cheapest option. Miss Shoestring was a bit disappointed as she had hoped to be added to the insurance this year but with such a big rise in costs we have said that the cheapest thing she can do is buy an old car and begin to make her own no claims discount.

The other frugal thing we did was shop around for a car repair. Initially another garage quoted a cheaper price and a guarantee but when we went back to book the job the price had risen !

This week we also made Christmas cakes, puddings and mincemeat and put them away for later.

I also decreased the grocery bill by looking for yellow-stickered meat items and changing the meal plan to accommodate them. We have so much in the freezer now I 'll probably be able to use some of it in December.

It has also been quite mild here so we moved the central heating off the timer and only switch it on manually when the indoor temperature is at 16C, which has hardly happened this week at all.

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