Saturday, 19 November 2016

Frugal Luxuries I am enjoying this weekend

The biggest frugal luxury this weekend is sleeping late rather than getting up at 0545 to catch the train into the city. I look just like Charlie Brown as I realise that lovely fact. A few extra hours in my own bed beats a fancy weekend trip away hands down !

Next frugal luxury is having USAShoestring home for a bit. We can talk to him anytime and hear in detail all about his life. Miss Shoestring is also home this weekend so for the first time in a year the whole family is together and that is a luxury you cannot buy.

Next frugal luxury is having a bit more time as I do not have to write an assignment for the course this week ! There is a big assignment coming up but the due date is much later on so I do not have to do extra work this weekend.

Another frugal luxury is that Mr Shoestring has done all the housework already so I do not have to spend Saturday morning cleaning, a lovely gift !

Final frugal luxury, we have everything we need to have a lovely weekend right here at home, so I am going to enjoy it ! I hope that you have a great weekend too !

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