Sunday, 20 November 2016

A Thought-provoking Film

We saw this film last night, thanks to our lovely Lovefilm gift from Miss Shoestring last year ! I found it very thought provoking given all the talk there is in the news about building walls. It showed that even if people do build walls and collectively refuse to acknowledge the humanity of others there is still something that individuals can do. One man, whom I had never heard of was determined to go beyond what he was asked to do and rescue others as well. All whilst abiding by the rule of law.

I was very taken by the central character and was intrigued to read that he went on to negotiate the release of people interned after the Bay of Pigs in Cuba. Asked to work on behalf of just over 1000 people he eventually negotiated the release of over 9000. I found that so encouraging ! Most people would never have heard the name of that compassionate lawyer before the film was made but he made a difference. Let's resolve to do that too. Whether it's a donation to the local food bank or a smile for a hard working retail worker when the shop is heaving with bargain hunters. Make a difference this week !

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