Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Going to the Library

I was sorely tempted to go off to another jumble sale this week to find more books to read on the commute. However, the weather was wet and cold, the sale was quite some way away and the entrance fee was a pound as it was in a very affluent area. I have been to this sale before and often found that they charge quite a bit more than others, so in the end I stayed home. That meant a trip to the library once the weather had improved a bit.

Sometimes I am looking for books to make me think on the journey but this week I was looking for enjoyable, light reads to recover from assignment writing for my course. I was delighted to find the new book above. I really enjoy Karen Kingsbury and although I have not read the first one in the series I'm sure that this will be a good read.

I also got the November edition of Grow your Own magazine, which would have cost £4.99 new and the November edition of Country Living so I was well pleased with a lovely haul of reading material for free ! Sometimes NOT going to the jumbles sale is the best choice !

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