Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Cutting up pallets for firewood

One of the things we have been doing quite a lot lately is cutting up pallets for firewood. Our normal wood supplier did not come after we put in an order so the wood store had a few gaps and we had been talking about what the best way to fill them would be.

Just down the road a house is being completely re-furbished and they had put out some pallets with a sign 'Free Firewood' a few weeks ago. We got some then and also went back the following week when they had out some odds and ends of new timber which they did not need.

This weekend there were four more pallets left out. These have filled in the gaps in the wood shed very nicely and all for free !

Mr Shoestring says that if you are going to use pallets you will need a hammer to lever the nails out and a good saw. He has just bought a new one so no problems there. However, he said that if you are going to cut wood regularly the saw will get blunt quickly and you will get very tired sawing with a blunt saw. So make sure that your saw is in goof order before you start !

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