Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Planting Garlic

This week we are planting garlic, before the soil becomes too cold or wet. Inspired by the Grow Your Own magazine from the library Mr Shoestring is after some new varieties to try, perhaps some elephant garlic as he would like some big cloves for roasting. Since we still have some garden vouchers from a gift this experiment will not cost us anything extra. Normally we just save the cloves from one harvest to plant to get the next.

Garlic is easy to plant and grow and the birds and other creatures leave it alone as they do not like the strong taste and smell making it a reliable crop. You need well-manured soil and a reasonable dry day, then just separate the cloves in the bulb and plant away, not too close. Cover them over and they will start to sprout. A bit of weeding in between and then harvest next year once the necks start to turn brown. It is very important to dry them off properly before storage as otherwise they will go mouldy.

Well worth it if you like garlic to add flavour to things as growing your own is much cheaper than buying in the shops.

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