Friday, 11 November 2016

Frugal Things we have done this week

The most frugal thing we did this week was cancelling the visit from the telephone engineer. We had no telephone or internet from Tuesday until Thursday and then it all just started working again on Thursday night. The telephone engineer was due on Friday afternoon at a cost of £129.99, so cancelling him was a very time consuming business but well worth it !

With no internet there was no browsing for anything going on so I 'm sure that contributed to a very low grocery spend this week of £2.62 just for tomatoes and bananas.

We also fetched some pallets for firewood; scored some great jumble sale bargains; baked pumpkin bread out of the Halloween pumpkin; made our own chocolate ice cream; baked a blackberry and apple pie out of foraged fruit and added an extra cheap book to an Amazon order to make sure that we did not have to pay postage !


  1. Your canceling the telephone engineer reminded me of savings we had on Wednesday. My son had made some purchases at a store and we were walking out and he mentioned that it came up to more than he thought. I said "let's check the receipt." Sure enough on of the items had rung up for $14 more than it was supposed to. It was totally worth it to walk back in where they adjusted the price for us and refunded the over charge.

  2. My goodness, that was a good saving. I've never heard of an over ring that big ! Just goes to show that you should check your receipts. Your son is a credit to the maths education he has had !