Thursday, 10 November 2016

Treating a Cold the Frugal Way

This is what Master Shoestring was looking like over the past weekend. He had a cold and this is very rare for him. He was feeling very miserable. So the first thing we did was make sure that there were plenty of cloth hankies about. These are much less scratchy on your nose and are much less expensive per use than tissues.

The second thing we did was light the wood burner so there was somewhere nice and warm to hang out whilst he was feeling low.

The third thing we did was make plenty of hot drinks for him, to cut the mucus and help with a scratchy throat.

The fourth thing we did was check his temperature as cold remedies from the chemist often contain paracetemol to help with aches and pains and fever, but you don't really need this unless you want to lower a fever. He is a teenager now so can tale adult paracetemol. When the children were younger we always had the junior syrup in the house as earaches in the middle of the night are quite common in youngsters with a cold.

The fifth we did was give him a hand with all his weekend obligations so that he could spend time on recovering !

Doing all of these things did not cost a penny and helped him feel much better !

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