Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Why you don't need a smartphone

I was a bit shocked at my course this week to hear that we all needed to give the organiser our mobile telephone number so we could use apps to talk to one another about the course. I do not have a smartphone and have no intention of getting one. In addition, my work at present is very strict about any online presence of their staff. I explained that I would not be participating and felt very off doing so.

Later I just felt cross that the expectation in colleges today is that everyone will own an expensive, unnecessary bit of technology. So I put together a list as to why a smartphone is a definite want rather than need.

1) They are expensive and a pay as you go cheap model will fulfil any communication needs very well.
2) They encourage inattention to your surroundings and the number of people who have been injured on the roads and pavements is increasing because of their use.
3) People use them in their motor cars and this is downright dangerous.
4) The blue light they emit stops you going to sleep.
5) The expensive ones are targets for thieves.
6) They encourage bullying at school.

I can see that they are useful for some people e.g.) students who change living place often and last week when we were stranded on a broken down train several people used their smartphone to look up alternative routes. But the norm, something you must have like food and shelter, I don't think so !


  1. It's the same at work and conferences. Interactive participation via app is the expectation in staff meetings for instance.

  2. Golly ! I'd hate for interactive participation by app to become the norm everywhere, what about interactive participation as people ?

    Thanks for your comment Anna !