Thursday, 24 November 2016


Unlike our North Atlantic cousins October/November in Europe are not seasons of thanksgiving but that seems a pity. So today let's see how many things we can be thankful for . Here's a list of ten to get you started:-

1) I have food in the fridge.
2) I have clothes to wear.
3) I have a place to call home.
4) My home is safe.
5) I have money in the bank.
6) I have money and resources to share.
7) I have more health than illness.
8) Modern medicine has cured me of illnesses which would previously have meant I died.
9) My family all have good health care.
10) The Earth is a beautiful place to live.

I've only just got started, I'll keep counting on the way to work !


  1. Dear Regine,

    I hope that you have lots to be thankful for too ! Thanks for commenting !