Friday, 18 November 2016

Frugal Things we did this week

Now that the weather is getting colder and the petrol prices have started to rise we have been careful to batch errands. So I went to the library, shopping and to collect Miss Shoestring from the station all at once rather than three separate trips.

We only topped up our travel cards and Master Shoestring's lunch card once they had run down to £1 left on them.

We ate leftovers for several meals and put cake that was getting a bit stale into the freezer for use in trifle over the holidays.

We trash picked wood and stored it in the garage to help it dry out.

We used electric space heaters in rooms during the day rather than turning on the central heating to heat the whole house.

We wore thermal underwear so that once the house had reached 18C we could turn off the central heating and be comfortable as the temperature gradually went down again.

We arranged to collect USAShoestring from the kerb at the airport so we did not have to pay for parking.

We used the timer for the heating and hot water so they stayed on for a maximum of 6 hours in the day.

I only bought what I needed when I went shopping, spending £8.66 this week rather than looking out for bargains.

We gave Master Shoestring an alarm clock I had got for free at a jumble sale rather than going to buy a new one. I keep a small stock of little items like that that I have picked up for very little so that when we do need something like a new alarm clock I have one on hand.

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