Sunday, 20 November 2016

Planning holiday menus

At the end of this week I shall probably be doing my grocery shopping for December, so this week we had a chat with the family about what we would like to have to eat over the holidays. We already have a turkey, bought half price last Easter ! We already have potatoes, bought from the farmer at less than 30p a kilo ! We already have brussels sprouts, bought reduced in Waitrose a few weeks ago and the pudding and cake are already made.

The other things we decided on are pizza and ice cream for Christmas Eve, roast parsnips and carrots for Christmas dinner plus sausages wrapped in bacon. I shall use bacon pieces and ordinary sausages cut into pieces rather than paying extra for small ones. I shall also get some cream and coconut cream to go with the pudding. Boxing Day we shall have leftovers as everyone said that this is their favourite part of Christmas food. So I shall have to make sure that I cook enough on Christmas Day. They also want turkey sandwiches and Christmas cake for Christmas Day tea. After that we shall return to the normal menu plan. We shall have sparkling apple juice to drink, made with sparkling water and homemade apple juice which I have in the freezer.

Planning ahead like this means that I do not buy too much food which then goes to waste.

We also planned our Christmas baking and I explained to Miss Shoestring that she cannot have a whole Stollen to herself !!

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