Monday, 3 July 2017

Another Car Repair !

The bumper and mud guard on the car were damaged on Friday and we were determined not to take it to the dealer to get it repaired ! Our local, friendly garage does not do bodywork repairs and the plastic bumper had a split in it. We knew from previous experience that the dealer would want to replace the whole bumper at a cost of several hundred pounds and since the split was quite small MrShoestring thought that he would have a go himself ! If it did not work we could still go to the dealer and get a new bumper !

Well he set to work with flexible gorilla glue, some clamps and fir tree fixings, pushed out the dent and filled the split with glue. Some patience, sandpaper and spray paint, left over from fixing the wing mirror earlier in the year and it was done ! Total cost of just over £25 ! Much cheaper than a new bumper, still safe and it looks OK ! The car is over 8 years old now so I guess it's alright to have  few bumps and scrapes on it !

Doing the repair so easily made us realise that if the car is mechanically sound there is no reason to change it in. So fingers crossed that this one keeps going until electric self-drive vehicles are the norm !

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