Saturday, 1 July 2017

June Reckoning

So there were a few big spends this month, like boots for MasterShoestring and a new strimmer for the garden but otherwise we did pretty well as the Summer does mean more coming in from the garden and a smaller spend on electricity and gas.

All told we spent £1052 and some spare change which meant that I could put over £447 in savings, this is very good for us and amounts to 30% of our income. I also had my most profitable month with the small business I run, which is good as it should take care of next year's fees for my course.

The other piece of good news was that it looks like we will qualify for tax credits, that would make over £200 a month difference. So far, no confirmation of that but I'm hopeful ! Also, MissShoestring starts her new well-paid job next month so that should make a difference too as she will be out of the house every day for lunch !

It is great to be half way through the year and still on track for living on a shoestring this year and even being able to save !

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