Monday, 10 July 2017

Net Protection for Blueberries

Earlier on in the year we used this little arrangement of metal hoops and a net to protect some strawberries from the birds. Now we are beginning to notice that the birds are pinching the first blueberries. With the gooseberries, raspberries and blackcurrants just about all picked the blueberries are eagerly awaited and we did not want to share any more with the birds !

So yesterday MrShoestring fetched the hoops, which originally came from an old play tent of MasterShoestring's and re-bent them into shape so they fitted into the pallet box he had made for the blueberries earlier this year. They fitted fine and it was quick work to fit the net over them. Now the birds can't get at them and we can wait for them to ripen in peace !

A great example of recycling and how nothing is wasted in the garden !


  1. Thank you, we thought so too, until we saw a blackbird lift the net with her beak and slip inside ! Now, we have nailed it down with some tacks !