Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Living on a Shoestring - the final post !

This is the final post in this series and I'll start a new series in August. But before we get started a quick alert about a couple of good deals this week. The first one is for people with a Nationwide debit card. If you go to the Nationwide Simply Rewards page

 and sign up, you can register to get £5 off a £30 spend at Lidl if you spend the £30 at Lidl on your Nationwide card before 31st July. So I shall be doing my August grocery shopping a bit early !

The second offer is on the Kate Singh site and is a free ebook about penny pinching, well worth it if you haven't got it already !

So why bother with either of the two offers above ? Well, eventually living on a shoestring, or well below your means, will enable you to do things that might otherwise not be possible. Over the years we have spent a few years working and volunteering full time for causes we believed in, without earning a wage and we are still able to do this part-time. Giving back to what we believe in is a central value in our lives and we are happy to do without some things to enable this to happen. Other people like to give money as well as time to charity and shoestring living can allow this to happen.

We have also been able to take advantage of educational opportunities for our children which otherwise would have been out of reach. On occasions, it has helped us out with major medical problems too. We have had fantastic holidays with all the family by only going on holiday every few years and it has been all the more exciting for it !

Most importantly of all, living on a shoestring has given us choices: we have been able to walk away from bad work situations; train for careers we believe in and work less as we are getting older ,yet still enjoy a rich and fulfilling life. We have also been able to help our children with house and business purchases ! In fact living on a shoestring enables you to do everything a rich person does at much less  cost !!

What do you like about shoestring living ?

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