Tuesday, 25 July 2017

School Holiday Savings

One of the best things we have done over the years to save money during the school holidays is to have a plan for each day of the week. One day might involve spending some money but all the other days had to involve free activities.

A plan might look like this :-

Monday - Cooking Day
Tuesday - Park Day
Wednesday - Outing Day
Thursday - Craft Day
Friday - Playdate Day
Saturday - Movie Day
Sunday - Rest Day

The outings on Wednesdays might be to pick your own farms, the beach, a country park or on occasions, to somewhere a bit more costly if you can afford it. This year we're going to visit all the free museums in London with MasterShoestring.

The other thing we have done and are still doing with 15 year old MasterShoestring, is to insist on some level of routine. That doesn't mean it can't be broken at times, but it does mean that over the course of several weeks you don't end up with everyone in bed until noon and then demanding to stay up later on as they are not tired ! So MasterShoestring has certain things he has to do before he is allowed any electronics !

We also found the library reading scheme and the list of events on the local council website really useful. Some places even offer free swimming and the National Citizenship Scheme is worth looking in to for older teenagers !

What are your tips for the long Summer holidays ?

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