Monday, 17 July 2017

Blackberries are Coming !

Yesterday afternoon we picked a whole bowl of juicy blackberries. This is very early for them to be ready, but I think all the hot weather has helped. Do watch out for them around where you are, as they appear to be turning black around 2 weeks earlier than normal and it is a shame to miss them. The early ones tend to have more flavour and be sweeter, so well worth putting in the freezer for later or pies and crumbles now.

Our favourite way to use them is paired with apple in a crumble or pie so the ones we picked will be going in the freezer. I have already been saving tubs from other things to ensure that we have enough. I just measure out half a pound, pop them in a container and then stick in the freezer after they have been washed. They cost a fortune in the shops and I usually get enough to last us right through the winter and into the spring. I don't bother adding sugar when freezing and they seem to do fine.

Blackberries cost a lot in the shops as they are difficult to transport, so picking your own is the way to go ! I think the apple harvest is looking good as well, so fingers crossed for plenty of apple and blackberry crumble this winter !


  1. Rarely see blackberries as big as that in Suffolk. We are just too dry and most years they come to nothing although I'm always hopeful

  2. I think that it might depend on the variety, we have some round here that are not worth picking, small, seedy and tough to get off the briars ! The better ones tend to be earlier, I hope you find some this year !