Monday, 24 July 2017

Top 3 Moneysaving Websites

I have a long list of favourite websites on the blog. Some of them are about simple living, some about day to day frugal life, some more about money saving and some I just follow because they remind me about the important things in life but I was trying to think which ones I would recommend to those just starting out with frugal living and came up with a list of three.

The first one is based in the UK and is Martin Lewis' Moneysaving expert :-

The great thing about this website is that it is not too hardcore, if you just want to look for a better deal on your mobile phone contract, you can, but if you are looking for really good advice and support to cut back, the forums are the place to go, particularly the Old Style Thrift one. I used to look at this everyday when we were just starting out and it still has great recipes and is my 'go to' place when shopping around for deals on insurance and other regular bills.

The second one is based in the USA and now has helpful videos to go with it, it is the Kellam family's Living on a Dime:-

I have all their books and they have walked the walk as well as talked the talk. They have had to deal with chronic illness and had very little money coming in. I use their recipes every week and love their kindness and the feeling that they really know what family life is like !

The final one is Frugal Queen based in the UK again:-

This blog is worth reading from the beginning to follow her story of getting out of debt. Now she is renovating a property if France to help with retirement savings and always has great recipes. She also muses on why it is important to live frugally and the challenges faced by families on low wages or none. Always worth reading !

Which are your favourites ?


  1. I'd recommend:-
    Shoestring Cottage, Life after Money and Mrs. Shoestring of course! ��
    Julie (Wales)

  2. Yes, I like those ones as well ! Many thanks for adding to the recommendations !

  3. All of the above plus the prudent homemaker. I'm a bit obsessed. She is fabulous with recipes but it's her every day kindness that strikes a chord.

    1. I love that one too, especially as everything she does looks so elegant !

  4. I also love all the ones mentioned. Yours is the first one I go to and can I add Life After Money, also known as Mean queen.
    Kindest regards,

  5. yes, I look there every day as well, she is really inspirational, particularly for craft work and walking !

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