Sunday, 23 July 2017

What to sow now

Our new lettuce seedlings are starting to grow and in the spaces where crops are finished we are just starting to sow some extra things to try and extend the season a bit.

Thomson and Morgan have a excellent seasonal list of what to plant in July and it includes flowers for next Spring as well as vegetables for now. We have planted some French beans, some more peas, radishes, carrots and turnips, all of which should take  around 60 days to mature. This means that we will have some more crops in the Autumn.

In the meantime the courgettes and pumpkins are taking up a lot of space and the courgettes need dealing with every other day. We don't mind as everyone likes them and they are very versatile. This is the first year where we have grown them successfully, even though they are supposed to be so easy !

The other thing you can plant which is quick to grow and good to have in the kitchen is pak choi, but we have given up with this and other brassicas as the pigeons eat it, even if covered with a net !

How is your garden growing ?

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