Thursday, 20 July 2017

Everyday Adventures - third week

So, I have been continuing with a third week of adventures and yesterday went to see Hodgemoor Woods which were used to house Polish refugees between 1945 and 1962. The whole area is owned by the Forestry Commission now and it is hard to see any sign of the people who once lived there. I did find the old generator house and the foundations of a few old buildings as I wandered about.

However, my tiny everyday adventure, which I thought would only take about half an hour turned into rather a bigger adventure when I got a bit lost ! Looking for the remains of the camp took me quite a way off the footpaths and in the end I walked across the entire woods, much further than I intended and ended up at a neighbouring village !

I had to retrace my steps and walk all the way back again and eventually ask for directions from a friendly, local dog walker. I had left my bag in the car. In the bag were my mobile phone, my emergency medical equipment and my glasses. So I could not call for help, read a map or help myself if I suddenly became unwell ! I had only intended to go for a quick walk and I ended up walking around 6 miles. I learned a lesson and will try not to set out so unprepared the next time.

It made me realise that dealing with 'living on a shoestring' can sometimes be a bit like my walk - if you are not prepared, unexpected things can happen and you are not equipped to deal with them. I like to think that I am financially well-prepared, so perhaps I should make sure that I am similarly prepared for 'everyday adventures' in future !


  1. That must have been a bit frightening! I set out on a short local walk with my family recently, which we walk all the time. At the furthest point away from home I sprained my ankle and had to hobble back feeling very sorry for myself. I was telling this to a friend and he remarked that you should always take a stick with you when walking. I am starting to think that he is right, especially since one with a handle would come in very useful when foraging! Tracy X

  2. Yes, it was a bit ! It certainly taught me a lesson and I hope that your ankle is alright now !