Friday, 28 July 2017

Frugal Friday

Another good frugal week, which is just as well as yesterday I calculated that driving to Italy and back at the end of August is going to cost just under £300 ! So we need maximum savings in the next few weeks !

I had a free eye test and then ordered two free pairs of glasses on the NHS using my new tax credit exemption card. I had to pay for 1 pair for computer use but £25 for the test and 3 pairs of glasses seemed good value. We re-used foil quite a few times and I haven't had to buy any for several months.

We made yoghurt, soup, scones, blueberry muffins, peach cake, bread, rolls, ratatouille and tortillas. Into the freezer went blackberries, raspberries. spinach, courgettes and celery. I picked two pounds of mirabelle plums and used them to make 2 jars of jam.

We found a cheaper septic tank emptying service and that will save us £7 a year and got a free watch repair at the same time as having the battery replaced.

I signed up for the Nationwide Building Society Rewards scheme and got £5 off a £30 spend at Lidl and MrShoestring fixed a faulty shower seal for free. We applied for and got the Marriage Allowance so should see the difference in MrShoestring's tax code in September and I got a book for my course from the library. I also downloaded a few free Kindle books.

The not so good weather meant that we stayed home on Wednesday and watched an old film so that saved travel money and we got free tickets for a tour of the Houses of Parliament so the travel money saved this week will pay for going to that !

Keep on saving !

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