Saturday, 29 July 2017

Not so good Boiler Check

You may remember a few weeks ago I said that I had got a boiler check from Homeserve for less than I paid last year and how pleased I was that it also included boiler cover for a year. I paid £60 via a £5 a month direct debit.

Well, last week they came to check the boiler and validate the cover. So far, so good, except the engineer was 4 hours late and the hot water did not work properly after he left. We excused the 4 hours lateness, as these things happen and did not know there was a problem with the hot water until 6 days later when due to the cloudy weather the solar hot water was not working. When I turned on the hot water all the radiators came on, not what you want on a warm Summer day !

I checked it a few times and then called Homeserve to tell them to come and put it right. As part of my story I also told them about the lateness and that this had affected my work. Well, they said that they could not come and put it right as I had called 6 days after the event and as it was a breakdown they would charge the £95 excess on the policy before they would make an appointment to fix an breakdown.

I explained all about the solar hot water and then said I wanted to formally complain that the boiler had been working before the check and that their unhelpful attitude meant I would now be complaining about the lateness as well. So we raised a formal complaint and went around  the house turning off all the radiators manually just in case we might get another cloudy day and need to turn on the hot water.

Well a letter came saying that they have judged my complaint and were sending me a cheque for £40 for the lateness but would still charge £95 to come and look at the boiler. I have had unhelpful service from Homeserve before and want to warn you against them if you do not like stress.

Now, I've contacted an independent engineer, who does not charge a call out fee to come and look to see what has happened. If it is a genuine breakdown I do not think it will cost £95 to fix and I'm going to put the £40 cheque in the bank towards any costs. If, as I suspect, the boiler check engineer just forgot to put something back in the right place the repair should be quick and easy. If not, I still think it will be cheaper than having Homeserve come out for £95. MisterShoestring isn't so sure, so we'll see next week !

Was this a frugal move, to use Homeserve even though I have had poor service from them in the past ? Well, at the moment I have had the boiler checked for £60 and received £40 of it back, fingers crossed any repair required doesn't cost much and I still come out ahead !


  1. Best of luck with that. I had to spend an unplanned and very unfrugal $145 for an AC contractor last week in 94 degree heat. Fortunately, all is well now and the air conditioner is working. You have my sympathies as far as contractors...

    1. Yes, these things always happen when you least need them too don't they ? Glad the air conditioning is working though given the heat !

  2. Oh dear, that's not good. I hope it all gets sorted soon.
    Kindest regards,
    Maureen x

  3. Thank you so much ! At least it is not that inconvenient as it is Summer !