Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Freezing Beetroot

It has been really busy in the kitchen and garden this week as the weather is good and forecast to change towards the end of the week. Yesterday I pulled up all the beetroot of a decent size, boiled and froze it for later on in the year. It was our best crop ever and still small ones left in to grow.

Here's what I do. Pull up the beetroot and snip the leaves and roots off with kitchen scissors. The leaves can be eaten but I put them in the compost this time as we have plenty of leafy greeds growing in the garden just now. Then I washed each beetroot and placed them in a large pan of cold water and brought it to the boil. The beetroots were not too large so after half an hour of boiling they were cooked, I tested by poking a knife through each one.

Then I poured away the boiling water and replaced it with cold until the beets were cool enough to handle. The I slipped off the skin using rubber gloves so my hands did not get stained with red beetroot juice. The smaller beets were bagged up just as they were and the larger ones were cut up into slices. Then into the freezer ! We like beetroot without vinegar and these will go well with a nice hotpot later in the year !

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