Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Everyday Adventures - second week !

So, I'm into my second week of everyday adventures which cost nothing and I have had some fun and some near misses. The overgrown filed above would be one of the near misses ! I climbed over the gate and into the field on the day when the suggestion was 'Wild'. I knew the field had been left to go wild for a few years now and that one of the chaps who lives nearby has a secret camera in the centre of it to capture all the wildlife which lives there now, so I thought that I might see some wildlife. No such luck, I got some nettle stings before realising that I was not dressed for hacking my way through the undergrowth as even the path we had used on a previous visit in the Autumn was now heavily overgrown. I guess it really does show the power of nature at this time of year !

However, I have enjoyed playing the piano and violin this week, finding a new route for a walk, reading a new book, finding small everyday pleasures, such as enjoying a warm evening in the garden and meeting some new colleagues on the course I shall be joining at the end of September. All little things to change up the days !


  1. The big stuff is nice but it's the small everyday pleasures that make the world go around. I love to discover a new (to me) author and then discover that they've written lots of books! Eloise

  2. Yes, that is great ! I'm just reading Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel and looking forward to the next one !