Sunday, 2 July 2017

Planning for the Holidays

Now is the time to finish planning for the holidays ! Not the Summer ones but the ones in the Winter ! This might seem like a strange thing to say but now is the time to look at the calendar for birthdays and festivities in the second half of the year and make sure that you are prepared.

The sales are on, pick-your-own farms are open and car boot sales abound ! Now is the time to look in your gift cupboard and see where the gaps are. Are you adding a few jars of jam and pickles to it ? Did you find an unopened gift set or a cashmere sweater at 70% off ? Do you need to check how much you have in a special spending account for holiday events or travel ?

Yesterday I picked up 6 bottle of top quality grape juice reduced from £2.50 a bottle to 25p, since we don't drink alcohol that's the Christmas tipple taken care of. If you like homemade wine now is the time to gather some fruit or late elderflowers to make a delicious glass or two to toast the New Year ! Similarly, lots of Summer items such as shorts and swimsuits are in the sales, if you have children buy the next size up for next year. The only thing I don't recommend buying in the seasonal sales is children's clothing which fits now, by the end of the Summer they will have outgrown it so save your money !

Now, I'm off to check on the Christmas puddings !

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