Thursday, 27 July 2017

Everyday Adventures - last week

The weather has interfered with the 'everyday adventures' this week but I still had a lovely trip out on my bike. I have got a red mountain bike with a broad saddle and this makes it much more comfortable to ride on the bumpy country lanes around here.

I went to see if there were any blackberries along a footpath by a farmer's field as our favourite patch was cut down by the council last year. There were quite a lot right at the far end and having the bike made them much quicker to reach and get them back home again.

Another day I went to look for wild plums and found some. Usually they are yellow when I pick them but this year lots of them had turned red as well. I was able to pick 2lbs of them and carry them home to make two big pots of jam. These little cherry plums are difficult to destine so I always cook them up first and then scoop the stones out as they float to the top of the pulp.

I also took some pictures of bees, did some meditation, wrote some snail mail, did some journalling and gave some hugs !

What were some of your everyday adventures ?

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