Sunday, 17 April 2016

A Walk to Shendish

This rather lovely manor house is now an exclusive hotel and wedding venue with an attached golf course. But because the site has been in use since Neolithic times there are a number of public footpaths running right through the estate. Yesterday I walked just over 3 miles and Shendish was my pause point where I turned around to retrace my steps.

The weather was rather mixed with quite a bit of light rain but I did see a lot of Spring wildlife.

The bluebells are just starting to come out and there was a small wooded area just full of them right beside the manor house. I am looking forward to when the ones near us are at their height, we have a few in the garden just now but the ones in the woods have a few weeks to go before they appear in their full glory.

The route to the manor lies through a coppice of hazel which should have been thinned out a while ago as the young trees are very close together but I was lucky enough to see this little chap, a green woodpecker ! I think he was out looking for food or possibly nesting material.

Even though it rained a bit I had a lovely walk and really enjoyed the view up at the manor house. The outing cost nothing and meant that I didn't have to do any more exercise for the rest of the day as the route was very hilly. My legs are still a bit achy today, but in a good way ! I'm looking forward to getting out and about a bit more as the weather improves.

Do you have a favourite Spring walk ?

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