Saturday, 2 April 2016

Lovely Spring Weather

This is plum blossom, well worth watching out for as you walk around the neighbourhood as this is where you will find small, wild plums later on in the year, ideal for making jam !

It is a beautiful day today and that got me to thinking about how mostly the whole week has been nice and how that helps with saving money !

We have a 4KW solar power array on the roof and at the start of the week I began to notice that the hot water was getting very hot, too hot for comfort. This usually means that there is enough solar power to heat the hot water without a boost from the gas boiler. So I turned the gas off to the hot water tank yesterday and waited to see what would happen. I did all the usual things plus a huge kitchen clean which involved multiple buckets of hot water and there was still some hot water in the tank this morning when it was close to freezing. So I think we shall try leaving the gas off even on cloudy days and just boost when we really have to, like when people want multiple showers.

Only using the gas sparingly for heating hot water should help deal with the ever rising gas bill which was rather large last month. I was surprised at how little electricity we were using compared to the gas but suspect that some solar power was already online and we sis have the heating on during the day every weekend and that gets expensive. Here's to lonely warm days and turning the heating off for the season !

How do you save money on hot water ?

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