Saturday, 9 April 2016

Petrol Prices

This is our big car, the one we try to avoid driving except when we need the load capacity or when Mr Shoestring and I are working in separate places or at different times. It is a diesel and we bought it second-hand 8 years ago as we were assured that it would be cheaper to run, not so sure if that it true ! It definitely is very economical when you have it on a long motorway run, for example we can get from the South of England to relatives in Scotland's central belt on a single tank of fuel. However, if we time the ticket buying right and only one of us is going it can be cheaper and quicker to travel by train.

We always look for the cheapest fuel to fill it up as the petrol tank capacity is 70 litres which is quite a bit to fill all at one go. The car has a feature that warns you when you are down to your last so many miles so you have plenty of time to look out for the cheapest deal. At the moment because the oil price is down diesel is much cheaper than it has been for several years, it is even cheaper than petrol in some places !

I went to fill up the car today and before I did I checked on where had the cheapest fuel, I'm glad I did as the previous day I thought it was at a garage a bit further away but when I checked the cheapest fuel was at the closest garage, only a difference of 1p a litre but the cheaper cost of driving to the closer garage was also helpful. I save 70p just by doing a quick check before I left, not to mention the fuel saving by having a return journey of 1 mile instead of 4 miles. Every penny helps !

What do you do about buying fuel ?

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