Friday, 15 April 2016

Cutting my own hair

I have gone back and forth on the idea of cutting my own hair rather than going to the hairdressers. For years I have given the fringe a little trim as it grows really fast and hairdressers are reluctant to cut above the eyebrows as it gives their clients rather a surprised look. I, on the other hand, would always beg them to do it as I knew that I didn't want to look like an Old English Sheepdog in 3 weeks time !

I've been to cut price chains like Supercuts, been to the barbers, been to the beauty school, grown it really long, been to a fancy salon , had a home hairdresser but the cheap options often did not do what I liked and the expensive options were full of allergens which made me very nervous about visiting and on edge all the time in case they hadn't washed the brush and scissors and I was going to come out in a rash. Sometimes I did and still had to pay an eye watering price !

I bought the little clips above once before last year and then gave them away as I got cold feet. But since last Autumn I have been growing my hair all one length and re-ordered them and watched a great many YouTube videos on how to use them ! I must have watched several more than a dozen times. Finally I found one on how to trim long, straight hair.

The I told Mr Shoestring to cut ! He did, as he did so I could hear by the noise the scissors were making that he wasn't doing such a good job, too late ! Once he had finished I tidied it up a bit, then I got him to do a bit more tidying up with the help of a mirror so I could tell him what to do. Then I sorted out the fact that one side was shorter than the other.

Finally, it looked like this !

Just the same as it did 9 months ago after an expensive visit to the hairdressers, actually it looks better as now it curves rather nicely round my face which does not look so round because of it. It took about the same length of time and I saved over 30 pounds. I applaud Mr Shoestring's bravery and we will be doing it again. Next time we will use clippers rather than scissors and I might get Miss Shoestring to have a try !

I think hairdressers are marvellous and I have admired their skill for years but I don't need much attention and I would like to reach our goal of early retirement, home haircuts for me too will help us do that !

Do you have home haircuts in your house ?

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  1. You were brave! Taking that step to try to do it yourself is one thing, but trusting your husband to do it is another matter too, oh my! Bless your heart... I know that when you reach retirement you will be thankful you were able to "cut corners" so well! Have a lovely day :)