Friday, 22 April 2016

Royal Mail Survey

It was time to post my niece's birthday present today and I was able to do so for free using saved packing material and the stamps I get from the Royal Mail Survey.

I joined the survey after seeing an article about it at Moneysaving Expert. You post various test items for the survey people and log the ones that arrive every week until they give you a rest. You are rewarded monthly with 12 first class stamps for ordinary letters and 4 first class large letter stamps.

Sometimes you also get little extras like a roll of sticky tape if you have to send a parcel or chocolate at Easter. Master Shoestring was also very pleased with a set of commerative stamps earlier on this year.

The survey items do not take long to post although it is a bit of a pain that some of them have to go from the post office which is over a mile away rather than the local postbox but I would recommend it. The stamps and other little things are handy and it is fun to see how long the items take to get to you !

Do you do anything for a small reward ?

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