Thursday, 7 April 2016

Library Visit


Library visit today as I am down to my final free Kindle book and will have nothing left to read by tonight ! It was absolutely buzzing, lots of children and some youngsters in the reference section very serious about revising for their exams. 

The nice thing about going to the library after you haven't visited for a while is that there are lots of books you haven't seen before and you are spoiled for choice. That was certainly the case today and instead of getting the 5 books I normally limit myself to I ended up coming away with 7 ! One of them was Home Made Simple shown above. This has lots of good ideas for things to make around the home and for gifts. I was especially interested in all the celebration ideas at the back which included lots of multi-cultural festivals as well as Christian ones. There are also lots of other good ideas including shopping bags, so I'm looking forward to making a few things and searching for the author's other book  " Simply Wonderwoman" !

Of the other 6 books 2 are fiction, 1 is a biography, 2 are non-fiction and 1 is a guide book to the area where USAShoestring is living so we can begin to plan our trip. I'm looking forward to a lovely evening reading and hope that it won't be too long before I can get back to the library to pick up all the books I had to put back as I chose these !

With libraries in the news these days with more and more being closed or having their hours curtailed I feel very blessed to have such a good one nearby !

What's your favourite craft book ?

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