Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Sticking to the Budget

Today I very much wanted to buy a ceramic frying pan. I researched the topic, looked for a good price and when I saw one from the right make at under 11 pounds I was all set to make a purchase. I do have 2 other frying pans but they are no good for frying chickpea flour pancakes, they always stick. Since I am on a quest to use up all that chickpea flour and there was rather a nice recipe in the "Country Living" magazine I thought that I would just get the frying pan ! I don't like the other sort with the black coating as we have found in the past that coating eventually comes off onto the food.

Anyway, in line with my new resolution to stick to the budget categories, I had a look at them. Still underspent in food, petrol, books etc so that was good but overspent in Household ( the area for frying pans !) and Entertainment. I think that Entertainment is almost spent up for the year after we had our annual flutter on the Grand National and none of the horses picked won anything. We do not gamble at any other time but as the children grew older we always gave them a few pounds to put on a horse. Mr Shoestring comes from close to where the race is held at Aintree and that was what his family used to do. I did suggest that we give it a miss this year but Miss Shoestring likes 'traditions" and she is very generous to us in other ways so we did it !

The Household budget will eventually catch up but is straining under the decorating we have done and less than robust brooms. So the frying pan has gone onto the 'wish list' for the time being ! I think the budget idea might be working !

How do you budget ?

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