Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Selling on Amazon

Different people have different feelings about Amazon. Some people do not like using it as they feel that it puts small shops out of business and does not abide by the same tax paying rules as the rest of us. However, I have found Amazon very useful, especially when sourcing hard to get books and ingredients for allergen free meals (still working my way through all that nutritional yeast !). I do try to buy from smaller vendors who are using Amazon as a platform to get better known. 

I quite like buying books from authors from the USA and these are hard to source in the UK. I am trying to keep the book spending down to an absolute minimum this year so one way of doing that has been to sell off books I am finished with via Amazon. This is very easy to do as the listing has already been created to sell the Amazon product so all you have to do is list the one you have at the price you want via your seller account. You are given an extra amount to cover postage as well. At the end of the month Amazon pays any money straight into your bank account.

I just sold a DVD box set we were finished with and in exchange bought 3 books on thrifty living I have had my eye on for 3 months, cost to me, nothing ! I bundled up the DVD box set and didn't even have to pay postage as that was covered by the free stamps I get to take part in the Royal Mail postal survey ! I am looking forward to reading those new books and we enjoyed the box set, so a definite win !

Do you sell online ?

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  1. I buy lots of cheap books from Amazon, and do sell on there occasionally x