Thursday, 28 April 2016

Jumble Sale 4

Now you might be tired of hearing about the jumble sale but I am very keen to share that the goods I get are very good quality, that buying at these sales is helping a good cause and you are also keeping goods out of land fill sites and so ensuring that we are saving resources for future generations. Buying at these sorts of sales is a bit like doing recycling but missing out the stages where all the goods have to be broken down into the constituent parts which takes a lot of energy ! It also saves heaps of money !!

I went to the sale specifically with an eye to looking out for school uniform items for next year. Although school uniform is not particularly expensive and you can get great deals from the chains I am never keen on playing full price ! As it was a Scout sale I thought that it was quite likely that they would have some bits and pieces in teenage boy sizes which are otherwise very hard to get.

I wasn't disappointed and after a bit of searching on the Men's table unearthed 4 Marks and Spencers school shirts for age 15. Three of them had short sleeves, which if we get very hot weather may even come in handy this Summer as I have only bought long sleeves so far. The princely sum for all 4 was 40p ! These have been carefully put away in the clothes cupboard ready for next Summer I hope !