Thursday, 21 April 2016

Using what you have

With Master Shoestring starting a new school this term it was very tempting to buy everything we needed in the school shop, they do a 'learning' pack for just under 25 pounds. However, I was fairly sure that we had some of the things on the list at home, we did !

Pencils, coloured pencils, plastic folder, A4 ring binders, geometry sets and sticks of glue were all produced from the 'saved from a previous year' pile or the stockpile which I make during the 'Back to School' sales. The final item needed was a pocket English dictionary, we searched high and low, we searched through the charity shops but finally broke down and got one at the local bookshop paid for with a Christmas gift card. 

Success , everything that was required at considerably less than 25 pounds, frugal happy dance was done around the house !

Do you stockpile stationery items ?

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