Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Ten Frugal Pleasures

It is a beautiful Spring day today with plenty to savour.

Number 1, the magnolias have just started to bloom, they are an absolute picture.

Number 2 the warm weather has brought the children out to play, lots of happy laughter to hear.

Number 3 all the daffodils are in bloom everywhere, not just in sheltered corners as they were in December !

Number 4 the sky is a lovely blue which just promises a great day ahead, especially for drying !

Number 5 the back garden is full of clumps of primroses, there are so many I have to be careful where I put my feet when I go out to hang out the washing !

Number 6 the sun is warm finally and it is great to feel it on your back.

Number 7 the violets are in bloom all along the birch trees in the front garden, gorgeous smell !

Number 8 it is warm enough to enjoy a cup of tea in the garden.

Number 9 the neighbour's cherry tree is in full bloom and I can enjoy it as I go walking.

Number 10 the internet speed is fast enough that I can load lots of pictures to this blogpost and share the joys of Spring !

What signs of Spring are there where you are ?


  1. Spring is everywhere, there are lots of frugal/simple pleasures out there if people stop and breath and take it all in x

  2. I need to remember to do more stopping and taking it all in as I go back to work next week !