Thursday, 14 April 2016


Over the years we have benefitted a great deal from free items. Freecycle/Freegle is still our favourite free site and we have a had a piano, a piano stool, 5lbs of grapes, loads of magazines and books, clothing and things for the garden including raspberry canes.

I also keep a look out for money that has been dropped in the street and FREE notices left outside people's gates, these are very common at the end of August and September when people have a glut of apples or courgettes.

Moneysaving expert has a fun fruit machine of freebies and sometimes I get a few of those as stocking fillers. One year we got Miss Shoestring a handy first aid guide when she had just joined the St John's ambulance and last year Master Shoestring got a great sports poster from The Times newspaper which listed all the sporting highlights for the coming year.

I also save up any beauty freebies which I get from free magazines and check HOTUKDEALS which has a freebies sections at the start of the website. This is best for identifying free Kindle books and Bookbub is a very good source of those as well.

If you don't want to hang on to stuff and just borrow it then the library is a great resource as well.

Do you have a favourite source of freebies ?


  1. I am addicted to freebies, some people get rid of some really nice things, I love freecycle, and I love collecting free samples which helps save the pennies, x

  2. Perhaps I'll try and keep track of the good ones we have had and post them on here !