Sunday, 24 April 2016

Unusual Birds

This little fellow was sitting on the sill outside the utility room window yesterday and  although I have seen him about before I had to fetch the Bird book to find out that he is a goldfinch and was probably looking for insects to eat. We garden organically and it was such a pleasure to have such an unusual visitor and know that everything he eats in the garden will do him no harm at all.

This was another unusual visitor yesterday, a green woodpecker ! We have woodland nearby but not really in the garden so I suspect he too was looking for insects to eat.

Finally, the jay was sitting on the driveway when I went out waiting to annoy the expensive Siamese cats from across the way !

These colourful birds really added a lot of pleasure to my day and having to fetch the book to recognise the goldfinch made me realise that it is a bout time I got to know a bit more about God's wonderful Creation !


  1. How lucky to have a Woodpecker and Jay visit, we had a Goldfinch in today, I just love watching birds.

  2. You are lucky, now that I know what a goldfinch looks like I shall be watching out for them !