Monday, 25 April 2016

Jumble Sale 1

Do you remember how I posted last week about wanting a ceramic frying pan and finding out that there was no money left in the household account ? Well at the jumble sale this week they had one of the gadgets shown above. The sale was in aid of the Scouts in a tiny village near here, there is such a pretty village green and a pond with ducks, so well worth the outing with the sale as a bonus.

Well at the sale I asked the helper if he could take the pan out of the box and keep the batter dispenser and the shaper and the book of recipes for someone else and just sell me the pan which had clearly never been used ? As it was close to the end of the sale he said it was fine and sold me the 'as new' pan for 20p !

As a brand new pan I don't think that I will have to worry about bits breaking off the finish for a while and in the meantime shall I experiment with chick pea flour pancakes in this pan whilst saving up for the other ! Wasn't that lucky ?

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