Saturday, 23 April 2016

Changing Tariff

I have been getting few alerts about falling energy prices and wondered if we could do any better than the fixed for a year price I had signed up for in December. We had been promised a substantial saving but through the winter months the direct debit has been going up and I wasn't so happy with that !

We had signed up with first utility as they were the cheapest we could find, we always go for the cheapest deal as the house is quite large and costs a lot to heat even when we are careful. I had been going to telephone them and ask about alternative tariffs but when I logged on to the website to find the number to call I discovered that you can look up all the alternative tariffs and get an estimate of cost based on what you have already been spending.

I managed to find another fixed price deal until June 2017 which should be £324 pounds cheaper annually. It would mean paying £60 in exit fees from the existing deal but that still gives a saving of £264, well worth having. So I have switched and look forward to seeing that change confirmed in my in-box sometime next week !

Do you shop around for energy ?

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