Monday, 18 April 2016

Library Visit

No, this is not my reading area, it is a picture from "Country Living" magazine which I was able to borrow from the library today. I really like the magazine, not because I find it particularly practical but because I love looking at the ideas and then working out how I can replicate them more cheaply.

For instance the peg rail in the picture is very similar to one Mr Shoestring made using an old pine shelf, a piece of old wood and some cheap hooks. I have made bags, throws and cushions similar to the ones in the picture using material saved from outworn household stuff and fabric picked up for pennies at jumble sales.

The legs on the corner table have been made from narrow branches which have not had the bark taken off and there are plenty of those round here and Mr Shoestring could easily make a round top to fit. The smart dresser at the back of the room could be made from a repainted sideboard inherited or found cheaply at an auction and the square cubbies on top are easy to make. We made a set using hand tools when we were first married. The leather chair and the dining table with a plinth can also be found through the local paper or an auction.

I just like looking at the pictures, I don't ever bother looking at the stockist list, a room like the one above will run to several thousand pounds, one done the 'shoestring way' probably less than 200 pounds including all that paint !

Do you have a favourite source for decorating ideas ?

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