Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Jumble Sale 3

I have enjoyed Einaudi's piano music whenever I have heard it played on the radio but could never justify buying an album and the children would not think of buying something like this as a gift so imagine my delight when this album appeared in a box of otherwise very obscure CDs at the jumble sale. 

Having found this gem I was encouraged to dig further and found a Johnny cash, album the Nigel Kennedy version of Vivaldi's " Four Seasons", an album by Carly Simon and 3 good films on DVD which we haven't seen. This little haul came to 2 pounds and although I did not need any of it I think it was a bargain, particularly when the nice lady on the stall asked if I wanted any cards and pressed me to take 30 handmade cards with envelopes for 10p ! She was just worried that they would be thrown away ! Some of them are particularly nice too made with the encaustic wax technique. So I shall make sure that I share them around !

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