Saturday, 16 April 2016

Frugal Fun

Everybody in the Shoestring household knows how to knit. I don't think USA Shoestring does much these days but I have been enjoying using up 14 balls of the above yarn which I found in a jumble sale.

The yarn is a cotton boucle type 80% cotton 20% polyester and I'm making a V necked top with cap sleeves for the Summer. A great deal of teasing has been happening as the last garment I tackled was an Aran sweater and I started it 10 years ago. I had never done Aran before and the pattern was quite intricate so I would get an enthusiasm for it and then put it in the basket and get on with something quicker.

Last Autumn I finished that sweater and sewed it up and have been wearing it all winter. I was really proud of it ! I started the summer top straight afterwards and am determined to have it finished before we go to the USA to visit USAShoestring, that should put a stop to the teasing. I'm a little way down the back now with the front and both sleeves finished. I'm going to carry on having fun trying to get it finished in time and then start another one as I have 14 balls of the same yarn in pale blue !

Do you like to knit for fun ?

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