Tuesday, 10 January 2017

A Day in the Life of

No, not a squirrel but a frugal tightwad like me ! It is a really, grey day here, typical January and the only wildlife I've seen has been a couple of squirrels. It is really a day for hunkering down by the fire but instead :-

I made a batch of granola, a loaf of bread, 4 pizzas and a blackberry and apple pie !

Making delicious food at home not only saves us money but it also heats up the kitchen so I only needed to put on the heating for a little while around lunchtime.

Took MasterShoestring straight to school and back and did errands on the way so no need to spend extra petrol money on going out twice. I also exercised at home to a free Youtube video to save going out in the damp.

Made a bit extra by selling something online and worked most of the day on an assignment for my course, so no impulse or window shopping either on or offline as I was too busy ! I also watched a free video to help with a tricky part of the assignment rather than buying a book and having it rush delivered which is what I may well have done in the past !

For a treat I had an extra long hot shower, much cheaper than a spa day !

Hope you are all keeping warm and busy and doing well with your savings and other goals !


  1. I just love granola, I might do a batch myself.

  2. I think that it is much tastier than porridge and it doesn't use very expensive ingredients ! I hope it turns out well !