Sunday, 29 January 2017

Pause for Reflection

This will be the last Pause for Reflection for a bit as it won't be so long until Lent when I'll probably join in with the Pause for Lent and I've got some new ideas for February.

The quality I thought we could reflect on today is Warmth. On the course that I'm doing we talk about Unconditional Positive Regard or Acceptance. People often struggle with feelings of not being enough or thinking that others are judging them and this can mean that they try and fill those gaps in their emotions with physical things. We feel pressure to be like others when in actual fact we are enough in ourselves. We do not need a new car or some new clothes and a haircut in order to be worth something.

If your home is full of Warmth and Acceptance people will want to spend time with you there regardless of whether you have a new sofa and have redecorated for Spring. This week I'll be putting away the last of our decorations for Epiphany and thinking about moving forward into a new season, but without feeling the need to buy stuff. I hope you can do that too and enjoy the Warmth in your home.


  1. To be content with who we are, where we are and what we are... a wonderful thing that can be found in the Lord, and Him alone do we feel complete. I have found my rest in Him, and there is a sweet joy in that. Appreciate your post today, may the sweet blessings of the Lord be with you this Sunday :)

    1. Oh ! That's so sweet of you ! Blessings on you too !