Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Shopping at Home

USAShoestring is hopeful about getting this visa renewed in the next couple of weeks so he will be leaving us for his own home !! Today I managed to persuade him to start going through the drawers and drawers and shelves and shelves of stuff which he has been storing with us. Quite a bit of it was rubbish or was of no use to him anymore and so we made several piles:- throw away; give away; see if anybody here wants it and so important it needs to go to the USA at some point !

The throw away pile included lots of paper and a very ancient pair of rugby boots which started to disintegrate when I wanted to clean them up to donate. The give away pile consisted of lots of very large sportswear and some very bright ties. He sold a few books and then we were left with a few shelves of very important stuff to take back with him and an enormous moving box of stuff people here might want.

Out of this box I got a large double sheet, a set of towels, a new lamp, a new telephone, a sewing kit, a shoe cleaning kit, a first aid kit, 2 silk ties, 8 cotton pillow cases, 2 white T shirts and 2 pillow protectors ! Phew ! Shopping at home for free has been so good that I'm too minds now about whether I can use that free IKEA voucher I got at Christmas time. It only goes to show that you should always look at home first before making a shopping list.

So, we have cleared about one eighth of USAShoestring's room, I wonder what we will find next  ?

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