Sunday, 8 January 2017

Pause for Reflection

So, it was quite a busy week last week and it was nice to get a few comments including one from Abbi over at Proverbs 31 Living, reminding me to enjoy the extra family time. That got me thinking and instead of posting a post on Friday all about the frugal things we did last week I thought that I would do this post today all about the things we enjoyed for free.

We have lots of candles and candle holders and we enjoyed cleaning them up and having them lit on the dinner table and around the hearth once darkness falls, which still seems to happen rather early !

Having more people around makes it more fun to play games in the evenings and MasterShoestring especially has benefitted from more skilled competition than his parents normally provide.

USAShoestring has all sorts of skills that we do not have and he has been really helpful this week with mending technical things that have broken and giving advice to his sister.

The cold weather has meant that we stayed home more so that has meant quite a bit of decluttering has got done

We have enjoyed discovering all the treasures we already have, including some lovely pictures of the Three Wise Men for Epiphany.

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