Monday, 9 January 2017

Watch out for poor deals

So, on Friday I received what looked like a good deal from the Automobile Association. We like to have breakdown insurance for the car as it is over 5 years old and you never know when a fault might leave you stranded. We always buy the cheapest, basic cover and shop around to get the best deal. Getting a tow can cost up to £150 so we think as long as we have cheap insurance it is a good deal.

The deal from the AA was £39 per car and get a £20 gift card back effectively making the deal £19. But when I called up this deal was per driver and you couldn't insure more than 1 driver on 1 car. So the deal only applies to people who never have another person driving the car. This would be fine if you were on your own, in which case it is a good deal, but it is no good for married couples who might alternate who drives the car. I tried to negotiate with the customer service agent but he was having none of it. Nowhere in the paperwork did it mention that this was such a restrictive deal and I was disappointed that it was actually a bit misleading.

It was good that the customer service agent made it clear that the deal was no good for us but I think that should have been clear in the initial paperwork. We are currently with the RAC and that deal will renew automatically at a vastly increased cost unless I contact them and cancel it. So I shall be doing that today and I shall be shopping around for the cheapest deal, but not from the AA !


  1. We're with Green Flag and although we haven't needed them often, they have been excellent when we have. They send out a local garage so you don't wait long. Catriona

  2. Thanks for the tip ! I'll look into Green Flag as we've had them in the past and also found them good !